Layton Movie Theater: Where exactly Pleasure Complies with Simplicity

Layton Movie Theater really is a innovative movie theater situated in Layton, Utah. The theater qualities 14 displays that highlight the hottest Hollywood emits, along with 3D cinema. The theatre also offers prime opportunities, this includes high class recliner car seats, a great audio system, and set aside seats.

The theater’s concession stand offers you many snacks and drinks, like gourmet popcorn, popular dogs, nachos and candy and numerous carbonated drinks. In addition, they have a assortment of area create beers and wines, that makes it a very good location to unwind following a longer day of the week.

Layton Cinema also hosts an assortment of special events, including good cause occasions, excellent screenings, and private gatherings. They have a devotion system that returns regular moviegoers with totally free concession and tickets pieces.






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